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Have you ever wondered why some companies do better online than others? Do they have a recipe for their success or do they just go with the flow?

As with everything, your online marketing should not be a hodgepodge of choices. It is something that needs to be done after thorough planning. Some will even say that there is a science behind it. So why do some businesses seem to be more visible, getting more engagements from their customers and prospects, and closing lots of deals in the online?

The answer may not be simple or straightforward, but here are some of the things your company should consider doing online:

1: Set clear goals

As obvious as this might sound, defining the goals of your business is the foundation of every powerful and effective online strategy.

If you want to be better, or do better, start by setting up a list of goals and (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs . Truth be told, every action your company performs in the online space is part of your overall online presence, and unlike traditional marketing, the online marketing gives you the ability to record your results so that you can properly adjust your marketing to fit the market needs. It is all about measuring the customer journey from a prospect to the close of the sales.

It is crucial that your online marketing goals be aligned and included in your overall business strategy. Social media can play a significant role in your online strategy. It is not something different or detached from your business; it is not just another thing your company does but a tool with great potential for helping your business grow even more.

For better results, here is a simple formula you can follow for your future online strategy:

– Set up a clear list of goals ->

1. Measure your activity
2. Analyze the results against the expect goals
3. Adjust your action steps
Repeat steps 1-3 until it is producing the results you need.

2: Customer service

Understanding and anticipating clients’ needs is a must. By creating and maintaining an excellent experience for your customers, you assure good referrals and increased sales in the future.

Here is a tip on how you can improve your customer service:

Do not ignore the negative comments! Yes, many companies tend to do just that. Don’t let your emotions take control; make sure you’ll address the issue with a direct and specific answer. Clients don’t like answers given just for the sake of it. They want real solutions to their real problems. Turn the negative into a positive and remember to avoid being defensive. See the negative comments as an opportunity to improve your product and service, and as an area of your business that needs to be adjusted.

3: Inbound marketing

By generating the right kind of traffic, inbound marketing helps companies get better leads and thus better clients. Rather than having your marketing efforts all over the place hoping to grab people’s attention use inbound marketing to help customers find you. This type of strategy is based on creating high-quality content that will pull people towards the company.

When we refer to inbound marketing here is the definition: “the promotion of a company or other organization through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel.” By comparison, we consider outbound marketing any traditional advertising or the promotion of a company through: “buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam, and telemarketing”.

So, creating content in concordance with your customer’s interest, you’ll automatically attract the type of traffic you want, thus making it easier for your company to convert prospects into clients.

Here are just of few tips on how you can effectively use inbound marketing:

– Blogging: it is a simple and easy tool you can put to good better use. In order to get found by your ideal customers, you need to provide something of value. Blogging gives you this opportunity to share valuable information that your target audience is searching for.

– SEO: your website’s SEO is very important if you want customers to find you rather than you searching for them. Optimize your website pages so that they can be easily found by the search engines.

– Social Media: your social media channels are the perfect place to share your exceptional content and engage with your prospects on a human level. It is a great opportunity to get feedback and discover if your inbound strategy is working or not.

4: Performing an online audit

It may come as a surprise, but not many companies understand the real necessity of having an online audit for their company website, social media channels, campaigns etc. An online audit is a great opportunity.

Online audit gives you the chance to review your online presence and thus adapt your activity to better results. We recommend having it done at least twice a year. Doing this on a frequent basis, helps you maintain a clear picture of how you’re performing in meeting your overall goals. It is also a great way to be sure you don’t waste your efforts and resources on things that might not provide results.

5: Keep a close eye on competition

Due to continued changes in the internet and new tools entering the market every day, it is imperative that you know what your competition does. Not knowing how they present themselves online is a big mistake. Keep your competition on the radar at all times. Analyze their online presence and behavior. See how they engage and interact with customers, what type of content they post, and what kind of response they receive. This can give you a real advantage as you’ll be one step ahead, and you’ll have the chance to better plan your next move.

6: Integrated company image in all channels and for all devices

More and more customers are using tablets and mobiles for their online activity. Having an online presence that can provide customers with similar experience across multiple channels and devices is not only for some companies or industries but for everybody. We now know that more web pages are opened with cell phones than with desktop so make sure your site is mobile compatible.

7: Use videos to improve your business

There are many reasons why you should use videos to promote your business. Among these reasons, the most noteworthy are the easiness and effectiveness of videos when coming to expanding your company’s sells. People prefer to watch a 3-minute video rather than spending 15 minutes to read your content. Videos can help you reach a lot of people in the same time and are a good way to pass around your marketing message.


For most companies, building up their online presence can be time-consuming and at times confusing. It is not something that happens overnight. Having a website or a Facebook account is not sufficient anymore.

But where there’s a will there’s is a way, and with a strong strategy to back it up, you can start building a powerful online presence today.

We at San Diego Online Solution would be more than happy to help you craft a strategy for your online presence. One that you can grow with systematically that will meet your specific needs, yet cost effective. Click here to get in touch!