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The Best Way to Attract More Clients

Do you know how to attract more clients to your site?

Online sales depend on customers: if there is no traffic, then there are no sales. With millions of websites on the web, the big question becomes: How do you highlight yours so you can attract more clients?

These ten steps will help you increase your online visibility and to put your page at the forefront. allowing your traffic to increase and of course, your sales.

Attracting Customers


1. All your online strategies must be in alignment

We invest money in web development, content creation, advertising, and in many cases, we have a professional for each of these tasks. But, are they all going in the same direction? Before talking about online presence, it’s essential that all your working team is aligned. Success is achieved through the fulfillment of goals and objectives that you set, so it is vital that you have chosen the right ones, and they are structured in a way that will translate into online success.

All strategies including SEO, SEM, PPC, content development, email market etc. should be based on what you want to achieve with your website. Today millions of dollars are lost in the industry, simply because businesses do not take this into account.

2. Optimize your website

Search engines are the gateway to your site.  Your site code should be friendly to them so that your site is not penalized and decrease in relevance for the machines.  Your site architecture and code should be clean, avoiding broken links and placing key elements like slugs, meta descriptions, and names of the images.

Also, take care of the sitemap.  It should be well structured, and friendly to the search engines.  Never forget to plan every meaningful change: every page you delete or modify should not leave loose ends. Remember if the search bots do not read your page then, users won’t either.

3. Use responsive designs

In the past, most web pages on the Internet were predominantly read by individuals using PCs. Today there has been a drastic change in that. With the advent of the smart phones and other devices, we have seen a radical change. Recent numbers indicate that more than sixty-five percent of all devices connecting to the web is now mobile devices.

This has made the responsive design much more critical than before. Responsive design is a web page design that will adapt automatically to any screen size.  This allows content to be read correctly regardless of whether the user is accessing from a laptop, tablet or phone.  Note that users finding it difficult to assess your content on the web will leave your website.  It is that simple!

4. Your site must load quickly

Make sure your web hosting provider gives you a fast response time. Along with that ensure your content is optimized for loading.  Today’s user looking for answers needs them right away. They are rarely patient enough to wait for a page to load when they could be reading another. A fifteen-percent difference in uptime between one site and another of similar content can mean a difference in sales of sixty-percent or more.

Using FlashTM features and similar resources while they can be visually attractive be sure to use them wisely.  Keep in mind that all content you put in the frames-no matter how relevant it can be-will not be read by search engines. They can also slow down your website load speed is not properly configured.

5. Appearance must be attractive

Today your users are exposed to many images, colors, and resources from the millions of websites that exist.  If your website appearance is not appealing, simply put; most user won’t return.  Based on your target audience, you must select a stunning design, that will draw them to interact with you.

Avoid overwhelming your customer with an avalanche of content.  If you overload, then with the information you can lose everything: always keep in mind that a lead is obtained by guiding the customer exactly in the direction you expect him/her to go.  The more irrelevant options you have, the more chance you have of retaining that customer.

6. Analyze your niche very well

Sometimes there can be too much focus on the structure of the website and forget that we are not designing the site for ourselves, but to address the users who are seeking answers to their problems or concerns.  The analysis of the niche to which your effort is directed must be exhaustive.

Customers’ characteristics: their behavior, their worries, their tastes, their needs, their wants, their virtues, their defects.  Knowing everything about your ideal client is crucial.  With this information, it will make it much easier to appeal to your ideal client.

7. Quality Content

Content is everything to your users.  It must be attractive, relevant, captivating and leaving them always wanting more.  Customers today do not always buy hastily due to all the options available to do site comparisons.  Thus, being an authority in the area of your service will give your customers the confidence to acquire your product or services.  This is very important, as it will allow you to win leads, build loyalty and eventually repurchases.

We all hate to be sold but we all love to buy. Make your content a crucial source of information for your reader.  Give him/her all the elements they would need to make an informed decision. They will value you, patronize our business, and tell others about you.

8. Publish frequently

Regularly updating your content is a key.  The newer your content is, and the more frequently you post, the more relevant your website becomes for the search engines.  When you write, you must write for users, as well as the search engines.

Which one is more important?  Both.  Keywords are fundamental to your content strategy, but their presence must be perfectly balanced. The more frequently you post the more opportunity you have to demonstrate to the search engines that your site is an authoritative one because of all your content on the subject matter.  Be sure your content contains all the relevant key words that your customer are seeking.

9. Networking

Take advantage of networking during the life of your website.  You can invite others well know writers or bloggers to create content for your site. You may also write on other bloggers sites, forums or give opinions.  There are many resources to gain authority and to improve your position through these techniques. For example, writing articles for a popular website like say Entrepreneur Magazine which has a huge following will give you and your website unprecedented exposure. The basic idea is to be seen by all who you can. The best way to achieve that is to find places where there are existing groups of people who need your service. It is much wiser to row with others than by yourself.

10. Choose and manage wisely your social media

Not all social networks are best for all business.  While it is certainly possible to make money on any social network, select your social media according to your target audience.  Some companies require more visual impact like the provided by PinteresTM or InstagramTM.  Other times the brevity of TwitterTM is the one that brings the most benefits.

You also have to design a strategy appropriate to the social network you are using.  All are different with their pros and cons.  Take in mind the visibility, the language and the particular strategy that is necessary to acquire traffic. Let your target audience drive your decision when choosing the social networks to pursue.


Online businesses are an ocean of constant change.  Be always aware that the rules change almost daily.  You must be on the edge of what is coming, analyze it fast, and change.

Every business requires continuous evaluation, much more it’s online.  Define strategies, test and always take a look at the indicators that help you determine if what you are doing is working or not.  If a plan is working, you must emphasize it, and if not, then changes must be made.  

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